Thankful Thursday

Today I’m thankful for…
1) Quotations and songs that successfully express my feelings, uplift & console. Music & language are so important to me.
2) All of the quality time I spent with my family & loved ones this week (looking at you; Mom, Sharon, Sam, Adrian & John).
3) [even though I complain about it sometimes:] Having a job and working with nice coworkers and great customers.
4) Being welcomed gone both in Ajax & in Ottawa.
5) My dog, as always.

What are you thankful for today?


Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday is back to remind us to be grateful for all the good in the world!

Today I’m thankful for…

  1. Being able to call Ajax “home” and Ottawa my second home. They’re both beautiful for different reasons & I love them.
  2. My body. Sometimes I have quarrels with it, but I’ve always found it amazing how the tiniest intricacies in our cells work together to produce functioning beings that can like… do stuff. I’m thankful that I’m able-bodied and healthy.
  3. Technology, for allowing me to keep in touch with my friends & family, no matter how far apart we are.

What are you thankful for today?

Tea Positive!

[note: if you didn’t giggle/smile at the title of this post, I’m judging you]

Today is Thursday and, as per usual on this day of the week, I want to take some time out of my routine to actively appreciate things that make me happy. While I’ve been freaking out and “getting ready” for finals, one thing has kept me sane and relaxed (and has become a bit of an addiction, but I digress): tea.

Benefits of Drinking Tea

It may sound a bit strange to be sooo thankful for my new-found love of anything hailing from David’s Tea and Tetley, but I’m not totally crazy. Tea-drinkers actually reap a lot of benefits from their warm beverage of choice!

  • Contains caffeine to give drinkers a bit of an energy boost, but is not as bad for you as coffee (Source)
  • Some types of tea (especially green tea) boost your metabolism (ie: can help keep you healthier!) (Source)
  • Protects against lots of health issues (a source of anti-oxidants decrease your chances of cancer and other ailments caused by pollution, reduces heart attacks and strokes, increases immune system activity, and more) (Source)
  • May help fight the onset of neurological diseases (ex: Alzheimer’s) (Source)
  • Tea is scientifically proven to help reduce stress

“Stress hormone levels fell by nearly twice as much in tea drinkers compared with those given a tea-like drink, after all had been put under stress.” (Source)

The Takeaway

Tea is obviously not going to completely stop stress, and I’m not trying to say that it is. However, I am very grateful that it has become a part of the ways that I deal with anxieties. For other ways to help deal with stress, check out the links underneath the photo below.

(Photo source)

For a list of other ways to cope with stress, check out some of these lists: 1, 2, 3 (dealing with exam stress tips)

For exam study tips, check these out: 1, 2

Thankful Thursday #1

Today is Thursday, so it’s time to be thankful! Of course, I try to be thankful for the great things in my life every day of the week, but I find it helpful to have one day dedicated to remembering how lucky I am to have the people/things/opportunities that I do. It’s kind of like my opinion about Valentine’s Day; you shouldn’t need one day to tell people that you love them, but it’s kind of nice to take some time out of your day-to-day life to stop and think about the people you appreciate and do things to make them/yourself happy! Now, that I’m done that tangential explanation, here are the things I’m happy for today:

  1. Great family, friends, and pets to return home to (which I will be doing tonight, YAY)
  2. My abundant tea collection which I’ve been getting a lot of use from to relax me during the busy time leading up to finals (see this article to read about the cool soothing powers of tea!)
  3. Access to my university’s gym with my tuition (I mean… I definitely pay enough to deserve it, but it’s nice to have and I’m thankful that I do have it!)
  4. The Red My Lips organization/campaign (if you haven’t read my article about it, please do)
  5. The fact that Garrett Hedlund is starring in an upcoming Peter Pan movie

What are you thankful for today?

Thanks for being here!

This blog is dedicated to happiness — mine, yours, and maybe even your friends’ and family’s (if I’m so lucky that people share my posts and find them helpful)! While it’s important to be knowledgeable about current events and social justice issues, I think it’s also incredibly important to take time to be positive every day. I think there’s too much focus on the negative, and I want to try to change that in my own life.

I decided to make my quest public to keep myself motivated, and also to motivate others as well hopefully; we all need it every once in a while. Each day of the week will have a different theme to it, and they will all be wonderous (hence “wonderousweekdays”). I haven’t come up with all of the names yet, but so far there will be:

  • “Masculine” Monday – content focused on challenging gender roles and norms.
  • Tuesday to come. 
  • #WomanCrushWednesday – a play off the popular instagram/Twitter tag, Wednesday is a day to give a shoutout to wonderful women, empower females, and challenge gender roles & misogyny.
  • Thankful Thursday – a day dedicated to recognizing all the great things in our life.
  • Feel Good Friday – random acts of kindness? Good news? Cute animals? Mental health advice? If it will make you happy, it fits in here.
  • Song Saturday – sharing the healing power of positive music!
  • Self-love Sunday – let’s focus on self-care and acceptance to start the #wonderousweek off right.