JULIA’S 21!!!!!

First of all:


We’ve come a long way since your birthday last year…


And I think we’ve grown so much as individuals as well as as friends/spouses.


Cutest wedding picture ever

This has been a year filled with ups and downs, but I’m so happy that we’ve experienced it together and can #turnup for your 21st birthday together & stronger than ever (even stronger than me in the picture below…)


A strong but not an independent woman lol

The past year has had a LOT of karaoke (we look really pleased at CHEO)..

Lots of nights out…

And a few not-so-fun mornings…

It was the year we experienced our first Boots & Hearts together

And instantly looked forward to going back again.


Thank you

For getting into shenanigans with me

But also for keeping it real and motivating each other to do better in life

… With a few strategic breaks, obviously.

Thank you also for driving me and my lazy self around hehe.

We’ve come a long way

From being awkward guides who barely knew each other…


To best friends running alongside one another for exec positions…


To winning our elections and becoming members of the PSA…


And, finally, to being the cutest bff/wife pair ever (IMO).

Making lots of very random friends along the way (ahahaha)

Sorry you have a billion middys

But I’m excited to celebrate with you once they’re done, like always xo


Love you so much,

I hope this year is as amazing as this picture of Dim!!!




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