20 Reasons Why I Love Sam on Her 2oth Birthday!

There’s been a lot of these “__ reasons why _____” posts going around the internet lately, and I’ve always enjoyed reading them. Every time I do, I tend to close the tab feeling better, laughing, or having something to think about. So, I figure this would be a great format to one-up my birthday post from last year as I wish one of my favourite people a very happy 20th birthday.

To Sam,

Welcome to your 3rd decade of life – I’m so proud that we have stuck together through 12 of your birthdays so far, and more to come. Our friendship is one of the things I cherish the most in this world and I’m grateful for you every day of my life! Here’s why…

1) We’ve been friends for such a long time

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+many more prior to “the Facebook” (you’re old now, you have to start calling it that)

2) Which means we’ve seen each other through the awkward preteen phases.


(And if we can stick by each other’s side through that, we can do anything)

3) …. Looooots of awkwardness…

more washington

4) … Seriously… It’s embarrassing…

preteen 6

5) But that just means that we got to#GlowUp together!

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6) You’re always there for me.


Even when you’re really far away and have never even met the people I’m crying over.

7) You always take the time to make me feel loved.


Especially when I need it most (somehow you just know).

8) You accept my weirdness…


9) … And I accept yours –


10) We can just be ourselves around each other.

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11) We’ve been by each other’s sides for the big moments in life…

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12) … And the little ones.

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13) We’re way too cool for words.

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14) We’re basically a couple because we’re a package deal

couple 2

15) No really… *cheesy romantic quote*

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16) You were blessed with the gift of hilarity and always keep me laughing.

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17) Being reunited is something we look forward to for weeks

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18) And when we’re together again, we always have the best times!

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19) Saying goodbye to you sucks, which only shows how great it is to have a friend like you in my life ♥

20)& I know we’ll be friends forever, #WAVELENGTH

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Thank you for everything you are, Sam. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, because you truly deserve one. I’m so sad I can’t be there to celebrate with you, but I’ll be back in a few weeks and we will have a great time!


Love always,



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