Laugh & “Shake It Off”

Yesterday I saw a video of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson doing a lip sync battle to “Shake It Off“, and it made me feel super happy for a while, so I thought on I’d write about some of the benefits of laughter to your mental and physical health today! But first, check out the video:

Benefits of Laughter to your Health

  • Decrease in stress hormones. The release and use of stress hormones create a competing need for energy within your body, meaning that your immune system is unable to be as active as it would normally be. If you aren’t as stressed, you’re more protected against sicknesses and viruses! (Source)
  • It’s good for your heart. It increases the blood flow in your body, much as a mild workout would. This can prevent cardiovascular problems! (Source)
  • Increases the ability to cope. Laughing can help look at things from a different perspective because you see things in a humorous light. This can sometimes be all you need to look more positively at negative situations. It can also relieve a lot of distressing emotions to reduce stress in your life. (Source)
  • Reduce emotional and physical pain. Laughter (and the feelings associated with it) signals the release of endorphins in the brain, which are some of the body’s feel-good chemicals that help relieve pain and induce happiness (Source)

Check out this Buzzfeed video that helps to explain some of the things I’ve already mentioned and to learn more:

Have a good Feel-Good Friday!!

(Photo source)


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