Thankful Thursday #1

Today is Thursday, so it’s time to be thankful! Of course, I try to be thankful for the great things in my life every day of the week, but I find it helpful to have one day dedicated to remembering how lucky I am to have the people/things/opportunities that I do. It’s kind of like my opinion about Valentine’s Day; you shouldn’t need one day to tell people that you love them, but it’s kind of nice to take some time out of your day-to-day life to stop and think about the people you appreciate and do things to make them/yourself happy! Now, that I’m done that tangential explanation, here are the things I’m happy for today:

  1. Great family, friends, and pets to return home to (which I will be doing tonight, YAY)
  2. My abundant tea collection which I’ve been getting a lot of use from to relax me during the busy time leading up to finals (see this article to read about the cool soothing powers of tea!)
  3. Access to my university’s gym with my tuition (I mean… I definitely pay enough to deserve it, but it’s nice to have and I’m thankful that I do have it!)
  4. The Red My Lips organization/campaign (if you haven’t read my article about it, please do)
  5. The fact that Garrett Hedlund is starring in an upcoming Peter Pan movie

What are you thankful for today?


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