Why Talk About Masculinity?

In most species where bi-parental care is commonplace, males have evolved to be the providers. They have to be strong, and brave, and bring home resources for their partners and offspring. Women are the vulnerable ones. Women cry. Not men. That’s the biological perspective, but haven’t we evolved from more than this primitive way of life? Why do we still place these strong gender roles on males in this day and age?

The thing that bothers me the most about this issues is that, theoretically, it’s such an easy reality to change. The thought that “– Hey! Males have emotions too!” is not revolutionary. Everyone accepts this basic fact, and yet continue to perpetuate irrational, arbitrary standards to repress natural human instincts based on some societal conception that just doesn’t seem to want to catch up with the times.

I strongly believe in feminism — a movement striving for gender equality — but I’ve also been noticing more and more that we tend to forget to mention how feminism works to benefit men. As a self-identified feminist, I think it’s very important to highlight how a a reduction of the prevalence of restrictive gender roles would positively impact males as well as females. This article and comic do a great job of explaining exactly what I’m talking about.


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